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Complex Systems Architecture Analysis of Nation State Disaster Response - Paper Available


John Farr (West Point), Thomas Saltysiak (United States Army), Jacob Gleason (United States Military Academy), Hyunseok Lee (United States Military Academy), Allan Newman (United States Military Academy), Kyle Ward (United States Military Academy)


National disaster response improvement is a challenging problem. The nature of the problem involves many interrelated systems such as: government structure and policies, international standards and cooperation, medical, transportation, and detection infrastructure, equipment and training, among others, creating a complex system of systems. Architecture –based systems engineering can connect various aspects of the human, geographic, and technological realities of the nation to illuminate shortcomings, strengths, and concealed interactions within the complex system of systems. We have applied model-based systems architecture analysis approaches to the internal disaster response capabilities of a nation-state. The goal of this effort is to quantify the effectiveness of the system and various approaches to system improvement. Many international standards such as, the World Health Organization International Health Regulations, are quality-based standards to assess a state’s capabilities. Assessing the effectiveness of resource investment decisions based on qualitative standards has proven difficult in past research. To maximize the value of capability investments, we have quantified the published standards. Combining multiple types of systems modeling approaches such as queuing theory, discrete event simulation, and systems dynamics provided specific output with meaningful and practical results. Our results have shown that Architecture –based systems engineering of nation state systems can improve capability investment decisions with the use of quantitative measures of effectiveness.


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