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This site will allow you to create your own itinerary for the ISERC Annual Conference. To begin, you may search through the schedule by any of the below means (by selecting a Track, Author or Session Chair). Any selection will generate a schedule on this screen. You may select specific papers to add to your itinerary, then click on the "Add to my Itinerary" button. Once you have created your Itinerary, it will be displayed while you are updating it. Please be sure to print your Itinerary before you leave. Your printout will include your Intinerary number for future reference.

If you have previously created your Itinerary, please enter your Itinerary number below to pull up your Itinerary.


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Session Duration: All ISERC sessions last 75 minutes
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NOTE: You may now build your own agenda for the meeting. To build your agenda, check any of the papers you wish to attend at the conference.

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