Robert Deal, USDA Forest Service, PNW Research Station, (Presenter)


This panel will bring together the five presentations on this topic and the panel will discuss recurring themes and issues related to using an “All lands” approach for the provision of ecosystem services. Topics will include the integration of ecosystem services with forest management planning and the potential approaches for measuring and valuing ecosystem services to assist National forest planning. We will also discuss multi-objective planning using project level efforts to optimize reducing fire risk, maintain water quality and provide wildlife habitat. We will also look at the opportunities and challenges of partnerships and discuss common misconceptions about partnerships in forest management. The panel will discuss urban ecosystem services and the role of both private and public sectors for providing public health and cultural services in an urban setting. Lastly, we will discuss enhancing management of public and private forests using an all lands approach and the opportunities and challenges for sustaining ecosystem services across landscapes. Robert L. Deal, Xiaoping Zhou, Nikola Smith, Kathy Wolf, Dale Blahna, Svetlana Kusch