Nikola Smith, U.S. Forest Service, nmsmith@fs.fed.us (Presenter)


The USDA Forest Service has been exploring use of the framework of ecosystem services as a way to describe benefits provided by public lands and build partnerships with stakeholders and non-governmental organizations to sustain ecosystem functions and processes. More recently, the agency has sought placed-based applications of this framework, including pilot projects on the Deschutes and Willamette National Forests in Oregon. These efforts include collaboration with private landowners, non-governmental organizations, academic institutions and state and local partners to sustain ecosystem services at a landscape scale. The Forest Service is also collaborating with utilities to develop payments for watershed services programs that direct funds to restoration of both publicly and privately managed forests in municipal watersheds to sustain functions that impact water quality. This talk will (1) describe ways in which an ecosystem services framework is encouraging collaborative forest management on pilot projects in Oregon and Washington and (2) highlight partnerships among the Forest Service, private landowners, non-governmental organizations and utilities to sustain public goods provided by natural systems.