Christopher Reeves, University of Kentucky - Department of Forestry, christopher.reeves@uky.edu (Presenter)
Jeffrey Stringer, University of Kentucky - Department of Forestry, stringer@uky.edu


The Center for Forest and Wood Certification was formed in 2011 to provide solutions for certification bottlenecks, enabling the private sector to effectively participate and benefit from certification. One of the thrusts of the Center is to facilitate the establishment of sustainable supply chains of certified timber and fiber. The Center works to provide technical assistance strategically along the supply chain to forest owners, foresters, loggers, and forest industry to build their capacity to benefit from certification. The Center also provides group certificates and programs to facilitate certification with an eye to developing cost/benefit data necessary to allow participants to make informed decisions regarding their involvement with certification. This data can also be used to develop strategies to distribute the cost of certification appropriately throughout the supply chain. This presentation will outline the structure of the programs geared towards developing certified supply chains and provide initial data associated with certification costs.