Zakiya Leggett, Weyerhaeuser Company, zakiya.leggett@weyerhaeuser.com (Presenter)
Eric Sucre, , eric.sucre@weyerhaeuser.com
Jami Nettles, Weyerhaeuser Company, jami.nettles@weyerhaeuser.com
Darren Miller, Weyerhaeuser Company, darren.miller@weyerhaeuser.com


Scientists from over 10 companies, universities, and government agencies are collaborating in a comprehensive, southeastern-wide study to understand sustainability of intercropping switchgrass within pine plantations. The research platform includes study areas in 3 states (AL, MS, and NC) with study designs ranging from traditional plot-based experimental treatments to watershed scale treatments. The studies were established and are being maintained by Catchlight Energy LLC (a joint venture between Chevron and Weyerhaeuser) with the ultimate goal of understanding environmental consequences of biomass production within intensively managed pine landscapes. To date, parameters to be examined include soil measures (physical and chemical properties, carbon storage, and cycling rates for nutrients, carbon, and water), water quality and quantity, wildlife habitat response, and sampling of wildlife communities (birds, small mammals, herpetiles, and invertebrates). When feasible, consistent measures will be taken across all studies to increase inferential space of our results. This presentation will outline the study approach and discuss preliminary results from this ongoing, comprehensive, long-term research effort.