Brett Butler, USDA Forest Service, Northern Research Stn., bbutler01@fs.fed.us (Presenter)
Jake Hewes, University of Massachusetts-Amherst, jhewes@eco.umass.edu


The National Woodland Owner Survey (NWOS) is conducted by the US Forest Service, Forest Inventory & Analysis program as the social complement to its biophysical inventory. The NWOS is aimed at understanding who owns the forests of the United States, why they own it, what they have done with it in the past, and what they plan to do with it in the future. On a recurring basis, self-administered surveys are sent to randomly selected private forest owners from across the U.S. In 2011, the NWOS began to resample points for the first time. The previous surveys of these points were conducted between 2002 and 2006. If the same ownership still owned the sample point, they were resurveyed; if there was a new ownership at the sample point, they were surveyed for the first time. The results from this resurvey are still being process, but will be ready by the Conference. These results will provide the most comprehensive examination of family forest ownership dynamics in the US to date. Topics that will be explored include parcellation and changes in forest owners’ attitudes, behaviors, and demographics. This information should prove useful to state forestry agencies, policy makers, educators, researchers, forest landowner organizations, and anyone who is interested in understanding forest owners and/or interacting with them.