Xiaoping Zhou, USDA Forest Service PNW Research Station, xzhou@fs.fed.us (Presenter)
Robert Deal, USDA Forest Service, PNW Research Station, rdeal@fs.fed.us


The inflow concept of forest ecosystem services brings the integration of ecological and economic systems that increases the complexity of forest management planning and practice. Forest ecosystem provides timber as well as other goods and services such as carbon sequestration, water, wetlands and wildlife habitat. Some of the goods and services provided by the forest ecosystem are complex and measuring and comparing values among services is challenging. National Forest managers assessing the forest management plans with the goal of balancing ecosystem services in the landscape are facing questions like how individual ecosystem service can be measured, how to integrate these different services, and how management plans can be evaluated or ranked with the express desire of including these ecosystem services. This presentation will discuss ideas for integrating ecosystem services into forest management planning. It will also examine potential approaches for measuring and valuing critical ecosystem services with different metrics to assist forest planning and decisionmaking.