Li Ye, , liyegirl@126.com (Presenter)
Liu Junchang, , liujunchang@vip.sina.com
Chen Wenhui, , chenwenhui77@163.com


Forest resources play a major role in global carbon sequestration, and forests carbon sink is attracting increasing political attention in China. Therefore, there is a need for changing our perspective on forest resources thinning model. Such model must be based on the environmental principles aiming at total carbon storage of the forest resources always keep the optimal level, and maximize the harvest timber volume to utilizing forest resources forever, making the basis for applying and advanced forest thinning model weak. We study an optimal control problem with the demand of the Carbon Sequestration for quantification of the forest resources thinning. This model can be modified so as to fit specific conditions easily, and the use of the model is exemplified by application to a harvest table for China. The imitations of the model framework and its application in combination with scenarios of other functions of the forest resources are discussed.