Chet Buell, , clbuell@ncsu.edu (Presenter)


Funded by the Joint Fire Science Program (JFSP) the Southern Fire Exchange (SFE) is filling a relatively new role in the promotion of prescribed burning throughout the Southeastern United States. Historically, promotion has been through the individual State Forest Departments and Prescribed Fire Councils, the US Forest Service and a variety of other organizations. The unique role played by SFE, and other JFSP consortia across the country, is increasing the visibility, accessibility, and application of fire science in both prescribed fire and wildfire management. To be most effective in this activity, the SFE is actively using social media, websites, and discussion forums to help wildland fire professionals and the public interact, and learn how research is answering questions and solving problems for them. This paper explores the successes and challenges we have experienced in tackling the rapid dissemination of fire science and research into practical applications.