Kenneth Skog, , kskog@fs.fed.us (Presenter)


USEPA engaged 18 scientists for a Biogenic Carbon Emissions Panel to review an EPA report on how to account for carbon emissions from stationary energy sources that burn biogenic fuels (e.g., wood or ag materials). This presentation will summarize the responses given to EPA questions about how to account for biomass emissions by large stationary energy sources including wood energy plants. EPA questions included: “Does the SAB support the conclusion that the categorical approaches (inclusion and exclusion [of biogenic emissions in accounting for CO2 emissions] ) are inappropriate for this purpose, based on the characteristics of the carbon cycle?” “Does the Framework accurately represent the changes in carbon stocks that occur offsite, beyond the stationary source?” “Is it scientifically rigorous?” “Can the SAB recommend improvements to the framework to address the issue of attribution of changes in land-based carbon stocks?” Emphasis will be on suggestions about how EPA could proceed to estimate the level of carbon mitigation benefits obtained from wood bioenergy.