Jonathan Kays, University of Maryland, jkays@umd.edu (Presenter)


The MD Wood Energy Coalition is composed of representatives of state agencies, university extension, non-profits, and business committed to increasing the adoption of advanced wood energy technologies that meets Maryland air quality standards. The coalition was organized in April 2010 by the University of Maryland Extension to overcome the lack of regulation, policy and programs that support wood energy in the state. It coincided with the development of biomass harvesting guidelines and an indepth study of the potential for wood energy generation in the state by the Pinchot Institute. The coalition believes the greatest potential for wood energy in MD is achieved through small to medium-sized commercial applications for government, schools, and businesses as well as residential thermal applications. The Coalition completed a 20-page prospectus in February 2012 that provides specific policy recommendations and research based information and references. Using available partners the Coalition is seeking to gain support from important state agencies and then use other options to reduce the barriers, one of which is the lack of air emission permit for biomass boiler. Events are moving quickly at this time. This presentation will highlight what has been achieved and can serve as a model for states lacking a developed focus on wood energy at the policy and local level.