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2014 Symposia

Social Science Working Group Symposia (SSWG)   

Informing Integrated Approaches to Addressing Human-Wildlife Conflict through Social Science
Organizer(s):  Tara Teel and Doug Clark
Symposia - ID: SYM44

Human-Carnivore Coexistence? Integrating Science, Ethics, and Practice to Address a Major Conservation Challenge
Organizer(s):  Michelle Lute and Neil Carter
Symposia - ID: SYM43

General NACCB Program Symposia

NRCS’ Working Lands for Wildlife - A Profile of Balancing Regulatory Certainty and At-Risk Species Conservation 
Organizer:  Richard (Rick) Gooch
Symposia - ID: SYM4

Recent Advances in Applying Genetics and Genomics to Conservation: A Tribute to Fred Allendorf
Organizer:  W. Chris Funk
Symposia - ID: SYM5

Wildland Ecosystems Under Climate Change: Pioneering Approaches to Science and Management in the US Northern Rockies and Appalachians
Organizer:  Andrew Hansen
Symposia - ID: SYM7

Challenging Boundaries: The Role of SCB Chapters in Broadening Conservation Engagement
Organizer:  Andrew Gregory
Symposia - ID: SYM8

Recent Advances in Understanding the Effectiveness of Genetic Rescue 
Organizer:  Andrew Whiteley
Symposia - ID: SYM9

Integrating Cutting-Edge Science Into Regulations and Mitigation Measures for Oil and Gas Development
Organizer:  Joseph Northrup
Symposia - ID: SYM10

The (Very) Little Things That Run The World: Utilizing Microbial Communities to Restore Plant Communities and Ecosystem Function
Organizer:  Jonathan Bauer
Symposia - ID: SYM13

Multi-Scale Habitat Modeling: Advances and Applications to Conservation
Organizer:  Brad Timm
Symposia - ID: SYM14

Conservation Science by Remote: Scaling Up Our Understanding of Human Impacts on Wildlife Using Camera Trapping 
Organizer:  Robin Steenweg
Symposia - ID: SYM15

The Endangered Species Act in a Hot, Flat, Crowded World 
Organizer:  Brett Hartl
Symposia - ID: SYM16

Evolution of Institutions and Conservation Work for the Next 100 Years
Organizer:  Anne Carlson
Symposia - ID: SYM17

Implementing the Endangered Species Act in a Changing World 
Organizer:  Daniel Evans
Symposia - ID: SYM18

Integrating Freshwater Biodiversity and Fisheries Management to Advance Aquatic Conservation
Organizer:  Stephanie Januchowski-Hartley
Symposia - ID: SYM19

Conservation Planning Under Climate Change: Emerging Adaptation Approaches to Bridge Ecological and Political Boundaries
Organizer:  David Theobald
Symposia - ID: SYM20

The Crown Managers Partnership: Transboundary Collaborative Management of a Bioregion
Organizer:  Erin Sexton
Symposia - ID: SYM21

Viruses to Vertebrates: Environmental DNA in Conservation Biology
Organizer:  Taylor Wilcox
Symposia - ID: SYM22

Full Life Cycle Conservation for High Priority Migratory Birds in the Western Hemisphere 
Organizer:  Terrell Rich
Symposia - ID: SYM23

Multi-Track Conservation Planning for Climate Adaptation and Resiliency: Are Plans Based on Diverse Methods Stronger Than the Sum of Their Parts?
Organizer:  Carlos Carroll
Symposia - ID: SYM24

More than Keystone: Newest Insights on Emerging Broadscale Threats from Oil Sands Development in Canada and the US
Organizer:  Maureen Ryan
Symposia - ID: SYM25

Coexistence: Proactive Solutions to Human-Wildlife Conflict
Organizer:  Nancy Gloman
Symposia - ID: SYM26

Landscape-Scale Planning for Conservation and Renewable Energy: Designing Plans and Moving Them Into Action
Organizer:  Stephanie Dashiell            
Symposia - ID: SYM27

Reconsidering Dualistic Thinking on Non-Native Species and Their Role in Conservation 
Organizer:  Julian Olden        
Symposia - ID: SYM28

Adapting Conservation Strategies to Novel Social-Ecological Systems, Rapid Change, and No-Analog Conditions
Organizer:  Adena Rissman 
Symposia - ID: SYM29

Balancing Public Access with Species Protection: Effects of Human Recreation on Biodiversity in Protected Areas 
Organizer:  Sarah Reed 
Symposia - ID: SYM30

Conservation Across Borders in North America’s Temperate and Boreal Rainforests
Organizer:  Dominick Dellasala
Symposia - ID: SYM31

Applications of Biodiversity Metrics on Private Lands for Conservation Outcomes
Organizer:  Ashton Drew
Symposia - ID: SYM34

Landscape Conservation in a Changing World: Challenging Traditional Obstacles with 21st Century Strategies and Tactics
Organizer:  Yvette Converse
Symposia - ID: SYM35

Effective Conservation Collaborations with Community-Based Organizations
Organizer:  Keefe Keeley
Symposia - ID: SYM37

Your Work IS Relevant! Challenges, Success Stories, and Recommendations for Linking Science to Action
Organizer:  Amanda Stanley
Symposia - ID: SYM39

The Opportunity and Challenges of Distributed Renewable Energy in North America
Organizer:  Viorel Popescu
Symposia - ID: SYM40

Developing the Linkage Between Ecological Restoration and Conservation Biology
Organizer:  James Hallett
Symposia - ID: SYM41

Beyond Disciplinary Boundaries: Strategies For Integrative Conservation Research
Organizer:  Carina Wyborn
Symposia - ID: SYM42

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