NOISE-CON 2024 Opportunities for Students!!

INCE-USA provides many awards and prizes to students. Please check the INCE-USA Awards page for a complete listing. In particular, the organizing committee for NOISE-CON 2024, the INCE Foundation, and the National Council of Acoustical Consultants (NCAC) would like to encourage student participation in NOISE-CON 2024. Please see below for the many discounts and awards that are being offered.

Discounted Registration
Student Registration is only $100

Student Volunteers
Student volunteers will primarily help out in the technical sessions to make sure that everything is running smoothly, but may have other duties. Registration is free for student volunteers. Please contact Amulya Lomte, NC24 student coordinator, for more information and to sign up.

Hallberg Foundation Award (for student travel)
Award: Depends on the year (2023 awards were approximately $1000)
April 8, 2024
INCE-USA is pleased to be able to offer the Hallberg Foundation award, supporting undergraduate or graduate students traveling to NOISE-CON to present their work in all areas of noise control engineering. Multiple awards will be offered. This award is funded by the INCE Foundation through an endowment from the Elizabeth L. and Russell F. Hallberg Foundation. Download the Hallberg Award application here Student travel awardees must be Student Associates of INCE-USA. Applications to become an INCE-USA Student Associate are available at and membership is free for students.

National Council of Acoustical Consultants (NCAC) Student Travel Awards
Award: $500 grant and reimbursement for 2 nights in a hotel at the conference group rate or less
Deadline: May 12, 2024
The National Council of Acoustical Consultants (NCAC) is an INCE-USA partner organization and offers travel grants for students to attend INCE-USA conferences. Students who are enrolled in a university program and are an author of an accepted paper under a qualifying research topic are eligible. Application materials can be found on the NCAC website. This award is not administered by INCE-USA and questions should be directed to NCAC.

Student Awards

Award Eligibility for INCE-USA Student Awards
A person who has won any of the student/young professional awards previously is not eligible this year for that same award. Participating in the Student Paper Competition does not affect eligibility for the travel award. Awardees are determined solely by the INCE-USA Honors and Awards Committee and any independent volunteers who may be solicited by the committee. The INCE-USA Honors and Awards Committee will make awards based on nominee/applicant qualifications and available funding. Many thanks to the generous donors who make these awards possible.

Student Paper Competition
Award: Certificate and $500-$1500
 April 8, 2024
INCE-USA is pleased to announce a Student Paper Competition for NOISE-CON 2024, with up to 5 awards given to the most outstanding papers. The Winners of the Student Paper Competition Awards will receive $500 USD, plus an additional $500 award if they attend the Awards Ceremony. If a winning paper is expanded and accepted after peer review for publication in the Noise Control Engineering Journal, the student will receive an additional $500 award.
Download the application here 

Classic Papers in Noise Control Engineering Competition
Award: Certificate and $1,000*
Deadline: April 8, 2024
INCE-USA is sponsoring a special session of seminal noise control papers open to students, "Classic Papers in Noise Control Engineering" for Noise-Con 2024. Students will present on one of the classic papers listed in the entry form. An award will be given based on the student's presentation itself. The abstract should focus on the main thrust of the original paper and the focus of the presentation, which could also include additional work that has been done by the student presenter. The additional work could include reproduction of the results in the original paper, additional analysis, or influence of the original paper on subsequent research or noise control practice, etc. A winner, as determined by the INCE-USA judging panel, will receive $1,000 *if she or he attends the Awards Ceremony.

NOISE-CON 2024 is pleased to recognize George Maling with this year's competition. George Maling was instrumental in the founding of INCE-USA and contributed to a huge number of fields related to noise and vibration. George Maling was author or co-author of all of the papers in this year's competition.
Download the application here
Click here for a list of the Classic Papers for NOISE-CON 2024